At MDE we value our volunteers! Please check the volunteer positions below regularly to see what options are available. Volunteers are required to be knowledgeable in guidlines/policy and are encouraged to read our overview link to the left. A short meeting with the school may be requested. RNC certificate of conduct must accompany your application should the volunteer position require it and are free of charge with a letter from the school. If interested in volunteering at MDE this year please email/ call the school at macdonalddriveelem@nlesd.ca or 753.6020 and ensure you leave your name and type of position you would like and the school will get back in touch with you.

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Interested in Coaching at MDE

Please complete volunteer forms above and view policy, regulations, guidelines, and expectaitons on the links to the left. Please contact our Physical Education teacher kerrywalsh@nlesd.ca to start the process!